● Can biodegradable wipes be flushed ?

It is generally not recommended to flush biodegradable wipes, even if they are labeled as “flushable.” While these wipes may break down more quickly than traditional wipes, they can still cause problems in sewage systems and septic tanks.

Flushing biodegradable wipes can lead to clogs in pipes and sewage systems, and can contribute to the formation of “fatbergs” – masses of congealed grease, oil, and personal hygiene products that can block sewage pipes.

Biodegradable wipes may also not break down as quickly in the sewage system as they would in an aerobic environment like soil or a compost pile, where they have access to oxygen and the necessary microorganisms for biodegradation. This means that they may still cause problems in the sewage system even if they are eventually broken down.

The best option for disposing of biodegradable wipes is to throw them in the trash. This will ensure that they are properly disposed of and do not cause problems in the sewage system.

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