● Difference between wet and dry wipes ?

Wet wipes and dry wipes are both types of cleansing cloths that are used for various purposes, including cleaning, disinfecting, and removing makeup. However, there are some key differences between the two:

Moisture content: Wet wipes are pre-moistened with a liquid solution, while dry wipes are not.

Purpose: Wet wipes are typically used for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces or skin, while dry wipes are often used for removing makeup or as a substitute for toilet paper.

Convenience: Wet wipes are more convenient to use because they are already moistened and ready to use, while dry wipes require a separate liquid or solution to be effective.

Shelf life: Wet wipes have a shorter shelf life than dry wipes because the liquid in the wipes can evaporate or grow bacteria over time. Dry wipes, on the other hand, can last longer because they do not contain moisture.

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