● Can disinfecting wipes be used for dogs ?

Disinfecting wipes are generally not recommended for use on pets, including dogs. While disinfecting wipes can be effective at killing germs and bacteria on hard, non-porous surfaces, they are not designed for use on animal skin and can be harmful if ingested.

If you need to clean and disinfect your dog’s environment or objects that come into contact with your dog, such as toys or bedding, it is best to use a pet-safe disinfectant. There are a number of products available that are specifically designed for use on pet-related surfaces and are safe for use around animals.

It is also important to remember that disinfecting surfaces is only one part of maintaining good hygiene for your dog. It is also important to regularly groom your dog, provide clean water and food, and keep their living areas clean. If you are concerned about the health of your dog, it is always best to consult a veterinarian for advice.

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