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Wipes have become an essential part of our lives, whether it’s for personal hygiene, cleaning surfaces, or sanitizing hands. As the demand for wet wipes surges, many smart businessmen have sensed business opportunities.However, finding a cost-effective wipes manufacturer can be a challenging task, especially for those who are new to the industry. In this article,I will introduce to you a professional wet wipes procurement solution provider from China—Jinhua Golden Daily Products Co., Ltd.,who has all the key factors that we should consider while looking for a cost-effective wipes manufacturer.

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Quality and Type of Wet Wipes



The quality of wipes is the most crucial factor that one should consider while looking for a wipes manufacturer. The wipes should be soft, strong, and durable, and should be able to perform their intended function effectively.The wipes should also be free from any harmful chemicals and should not cause any skin irritation. To ensure the quality of wipes, it’s important to choose a manufacturer that follows stringent quality control procedures and uses high-quality raw materials.The wipes manufacturers of JHGP have the most advanced and professional equipments in China.They are now equipped with 5 sets of wet tissue machines and 3 production lines.Their wipes product range is very diverse,including the wet tissue of personal care, baby care, pet care, health care, family health,vehicle care, and precise instrument care.

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Manufacturing capabilities

Relying on huge manufacturers and powerful wet wipes production machines,They have achieved a yield of 100X40HQ/month.Their best selling export products are baby wipes,pet wipes and makeup remover wipes.JHGP should also be able to provide you with all of the essentials to take your brand concept to market. They offer a variety of different formulations, packaging options, and everything you need to get started.Their private label manufacturing is fully accredited, cost-competitive, and provides a wide range of wet wipe products readily customized for your brand.Besides,they have a reliable supply chain and can deliver the wipes on time.

Certification and Compliance

The wipes manufacturers of JHGP have been validated by quality management systems like ISO9001 CE GMP FDA BSCI EPA etc.,that is to say, they have almost the most comprehensive certificates in China.And they also establish a quality control system of their own to ensure product quality.

Production Process

● Cost-effectiveness

The wipes manufacturers of JHGP enjoy government care in terms of energy and raw materials and the sites are their own and do not require rent,so their wet wipes manufacturing costs will be lower than those of their peers and the wholesale prices will also be lower . They can provide cost-effective shipping options and do not charge any hidden fees,they can also offer quality customers bulk discounts,so their prices of the wipes are competitive.

● Trade experience

Jinhua Golden Daily Products Co., Ltd. was founded by Jun in Jinhua in 2020. Jun has been in the wipes industry about 20 years since he graduated from the university .

He has good cooperation with wet wipes customers in more than 50 countries,so he has experiences in registering international trade documents about many countries and understands the consumption needs and preferences of consumers in many countries for wet wipes.


● Shipping and Payment

JHGP can provide three modes of freight including sea, air and rail transportation.If the customer chooses customized wet wipes (the minimum quantity is 20,000 packs), then his goods will be shipped between 15 and 30 days,If the customer chooses wet wipes in stock (the minimum quantity is 3,000 packs), then his goods will be shipped in about 5 days.JHGP can also offer customers flexible payment options,such as T/T:(30% deposit,70%balance aganist BL copy or before shipment) Western Union and so on ,If your order is large, you can also pay by L/C.

● Customer feedback

In the past few years, JHGP has gained a large number of loyal customers with its high-quality wet wipes products and affordable prices.The customers rated JHGP as reliable and the service quality is excellent.

Customer Reviews

● Contact them

After reading the introduction of JHGP, friends who want to have better development in the wet wipes industry,are you excited? why not try to cooperate with them?This is their offical website address:

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