Knowledge about wet wipes plate making fees

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Many people who are new to the wet wipes industry may be confused about the platemaking fees that need to be paid during the production of wet wipes. This article will tell you why custom wet wipes require customers to pay plate making fees? And why wet wipes manufacturers only require customers to pay a one-time plate making fee for wet wipes packaging?

Cooperation opportunities between wet wipes buyers from countries along the Belt and Road and Chinese wet wipes factories


Cooperation opportunities between wet wipes buyers in countries along the “Belt and Road” and Chinese wet wipes factories can be mutually beneficial and provide a variety of cooperation opportunities. The Belt and Road Initiative is a massive infrastructure and economic development project spanning several countries in Asia, Europe and Africa, creating opportunities for trade and […]

Types and Analysis of Wet Wipes Suppliers


Wipes have become indispensable in the hygiene and personal care world. Whether you’re a parent looking for the convenience of baby wipes, a traveler in need of refreshing wipes, or a healthcare professional relying on medical-grade wipes, it’s vital to have a reliable source of high-quality wipes. For purchasing wholesalers looking to fulfill this need, […]

Why are wet wipes of the same material and formula manufactured in developed countries much more expensive than those made in China—the top Chinese wet wipes factory (JHGP) will tell you the answer

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The pricing of wet wipes can be influenced by a variety of factors, and it’s not always solely about the material and formula. Several reasons might explain why wet wipes manufactured in developed countries are more expensive than those made in China: > 1.Labor costs > 2. Regulatory standards > 3. Economies of Scale > […]

The growing trend and opportunities of the demand for wet wipes in developing countries – please choose your most friendly partner – Wet Wipes Factory (JHGP) from China – specializing in exporting high-quality and low-priced wet wipes

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The demand for wet wipes in developing countries has been on the rise in recent years, driven by several factors. This trend presents opportunities for both wipes manufacturers and investors in the hygiene and consumer goods industry. Here are some key points to consider: > Rising Disposable Income > Urbanization > Health and Hygiene > […]