The prerequisites for purchasing wet wipes


The prerequisites for purchasing wet wipes

What should I pay attention to when using baby wipes

Since having a baby, wet wipes have become a general artifact of existence. Wipe the baby’s hands, wipe fart, to use soft and gentle wipes; go out to eat, timely clean the mouth and hands stains, wipes in the hand is very convenient; at home, with wipes face can also wipe furniture, shoes, utilization rate is very high. But how much do you know about the daily use of wet wipes? How to choose correctly and the correct use of methods, we should pay attention to what.



Avoid reuse wipes

After wiping the mouth, it can also wipe hands and toys. Although it sounds “energy saving and consumption reduction”, once used, the wipes will carry certain bacteria. If used again, it will let these bacteria contact the skin or other objects, but can not reach the role of disinfection. And the baby likes to eat hands, eat toys, continuous application will lead to the human eye can not see the bacteria to be eaten into the stomach, the long term will cause the baby’s intestinal flora disorders, immunity decline. The risk of baby diarrhea and itchy skin is greatly increased.


wet wipes are not the softer the better

The wipes seem soft to the touch, but they are not all made of natural materials, and synthetic fibers are very likely to achieve such practical results. At present, the wet material on the market are uneven, the most suitable baby tender skin is: pure natural cotton cloth and tree spinning cloth. Is included in the purchase of credit blacklist is: general polyester cloth without proof cloth. Low cost, very likely to carry synthetic fiber, very easy to irritating skin.


Big brands don’t mean safety

Although well-known brands are more reliable than some off-brand, but it does not mean that they are all safe, so when choosing baby wipes, in addition to the brand, the ingredients also need to pay attention to, such as essence, propylene glycol, CIT and other ingredients, it is best not to buy. Because propylene glycol is a low toxic chemical solvent, for the baby also said, if often use wet wipes to wipe the hands, and then take things to eat will lead to toxic substances into the gastrointestinal tract, there are safety risks. In addition, propylene glycol solubility, about 5% of people will have allergic reactions, long-term use will cause damage to the skin.


Before the application of the new brand wipes should pay attention to whether the baby is allergic to the product

Before giving it to the baby, parents should give priority to using it on the body. If there is ethanol irritation or skin allergy, it is not necessary to give it to the baby. This kind of wipes are likely to be harmful to the baby’s skin and body. Some babies may be allergic to some wet tissues, such as the use of wet wipes after the skin swelling, itching, irritation reaction and other symptoms, should immediately stop using, serious should go to the hospital emergency.


It is not used for sensitive parts and injured parts

The baby’s body is naturally delicate and sensitive, do not directly use the baby wipes to wipe the eyes and eardrum and other sensitive parts, or the baby’s reproductive organs, skin damaged and injured parts. If the skin swelling, itching and other symptoms after use, such as uncomfortable symptoms that stop use



pay attention to the composition and material to judge the quality.

In order to better can do goods must be moisturizing hydrating, nourishing, sterilization, such as practical effect, the well-known brand wipes with ingredients are different, there are some famous brand baby wipes ingredients will damage to the baby, so parents should pay attention to look at the product label and ingredients, if logo fuzzy or unfavorable, don’t have to buy. In addition, you can also pay attention to some baby wet towel assessment and netizens comments, from which to get information about the baby wet towel content.


Choose reliable brands when buying

Wet paper towels contains a large number of liquid, very easy to breed bacteria, it production process is relatively strict, in the regular manufacturers, the workers every day to the air in the workshop for ozone disinfection, to ensure that the wipes in the production of bacteria in the air, buy the best try to choose product information complete, good reputation of formal products.


                                                 Note       that         the     ingredients      cannot        be         added



The role of alcohol in wet paper towels is mainly sterilization, but alcohol is volatile, wipe after easy to make the skin surface moisture loss, feel tight and dry, resulting in skin discomfort, so it is not suitable for the baby.


Fragrance and alcohol are considered to be easy to produce stimulating ingredients, so the aromatic smell should be selected according to the preferences of consumers, but the increased spice ingredients increase the risk of skin allergy, so for infant products, should ensure natural and pure. As a result, many brands of wet wipes are clearly labeled as “no alcohol and spice added.”


The purpose of preservatives is to protect the product from microbial contamination and extend the shelf life and service life of the product. However, improper use of preservatives can lead to allergic dermatitis. Besides spices, preservatives are the second most common cause of skin allergy and skin irritation.

Fluorescence agents:

fluorescent agents should also not be found in wet paper towels. If the wipes contain fluorescent agent, it should be added in the treatment of non-woven fabric, which is also bad for the baby’s skin.

Water without sufficient sterilization:

the main composition of baby wipes is water, this water must be treated with pure water, otherwise the bacteria in the water will multiply on the wipes, which is harmful to the baby’s skin and health.

The basic ingredients of wet paper towels are without fragrance.

The tea fragrance and lavender fragrance we usually smell are produced by adding incense agent. The choice of non-fragrant wet paper towels means that we can contact less additives, and the baby is more important.

After using the wipes should pay attention to the sealing

After taking the wet wipes, be sure to stick the sealing paper on the wet wipes, to avoid the water volatilization, to ensure that its sterilization and disinfection and sterilization effect.

The wipes do not replace washing hands

The key to using baby wipes is to alleviate temporary needs, such as when taking your baby to play outdoors. But one thing you have to remember is that no best baby wipes can replace hand washing, which are two different degrees of cleaning. But currently “disinfection”, “sterilization” is still an important selling point of these products. Because the selling point of wet wipes is “disinfection, sterilization”, people will not wash their hands after using wet wipes, and completely forget that there are chemical components left on their hands, which is bad for children. Using wet wipes is not the same as washing hands. No matter how repeatedly wipe the hands can not remove the bacteria on the surface of the skin, wash your hands with soap, plus the flowing water, is the cleanest. So mothers should not be lazy, when they should wash their hands at home and wash their hands, do not rely on baby wipes.



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