What are the materials of wet wipes?

As daily necessities, paper towels are already inseparable from our lives, and the use of wet wipes has gradually become more frequent.


However, the class representative found that many people understood wet wipes on the surface, thinking that wet wipes are produced by adding solution to paper towels.


Of course not!


cough cough~


Let me tell you about the material of wet wipes today!


Material of wipes


There are roughly two types of wet wipes according to their materials: one is wet strength paper and the other is non-woven fabric.


wet strength paper


The so-called wet-strength paper is the paper with wet-strength agent added. This kind of material is stronger and has strong water resistance. Generally speaking, even if the wet wipes of this kind of material are soaked in water and damp, they will not change. If you pull it, it will rot.


Therefore, wet-strength paper is mostly used on map paper, banknotes, and items with strong water resistance.


We use this kind of wet strength paper in the wet wipes we come into contact with, which are basically lens cleaning wipes, a small piece, flexible and durable.


non-woven fabric


Most wet wipes are made of non-woven fabrics, and if they are further subdivided, the raw material non-woven fabrics are mostly spunlace non-woven fabrics.


To put it simply, it is to use superb technology to entangle multiple layers of fibers together to obtain a reinforced and strong spunlace non-woven fabric.



Generally speaking, most spunlace non-woven fabrics have the characteristics of fast moisture absorption, good air permeability, and soft touch. The multi-fiber ones basically do not drop flocs, which fully meet the performance of wet wipes, and become the preferred raw material for wet wipes. ~


When the proportion of virgin wood pulp in spunlace non-woven fabric is high, the most unique point is that it is easy to decompose. Have you thought of wet toilet paper that can be flushed into the toilet?


I have to say that wet toilet paper is really a blessing for mankind. In addition to erasing cleaner and soothing PP skin, most wet toilet paper can be thrown directly into the toilet to be flushed away, and it will not clog the sewer at all!


Since I bought wet toilet paper, there are no more trash cans in the toilet, and the happiness index of throwing less trash has improved a lot~


But what is it that can be washed away?


As the name suggests, flushable non-woven fabrics can be decomposed by water.


These wipes usually use a high proportion of virgin wood pulp fibers to achieve flushability. Virgin wood pulp is not only low in cost, but also the most environmentally friendly.


And the raw wood pulp will be softer, which is also a great benefit for our consumers~


See here, do you know the material of wet wipes~


When purchasing wet wipes, you must be careful about the raw materials. Spunlace non-woven fabrics are preferred, and wet toilet paper also remember to choose virgin wood pulp, flushable wet toilet paper, really yyds!


Teach you a little trick to see the main ingredients! The ranking of the ingredient list is directly proportional to the proportion of the main ingredients. That is to say, the heavier the proportion of ingredients in wet wipe products, the higher the ranking in the list of main ingredients.

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Jack Zheng

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