Originally established to help one old customer source the diapers, bottles, toilet paper, etc.  After several years of experience in purchasing and inspection, our customers have given us more and more work.



Yes,  we have our own factory for wet wipes. Other consumer and personal care products come from our supply chain.

No MOQ for regular styles, bespoke styles from 20,000 packs, but of course we can also negotiate.

Cleaning is the removal of dirt and grime from surfaces and objects. Although cleaners don’t typically carry any kill claims, cleaning is necessary before effective sanitizing or disinfecting can occur. Sanitizing is the significant reduction of bacteria to a safe level. Sanitizers are bactericidal, meaning they have kill claims against bacteria. Disinfecting is the destruction or irreversible inactivation of bacteria and viruses on surfaces. Disinfectants are bactericidal and virucidal, meaning they have kill claims against both bacteria AND viruses. A well-rounded hygiene strategy will include cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting.

Yes, there is testing on animals. In fact, pet wipes have a wide range of safety features and are used by many veterinarians and are used by many veterinary practices.

Wipes does not require rinsing with water so it is a natural solution for hygienic hands while on the go or where soap and water are not available.

Sure, we will be glad to provide drop shipping services for the most wet wipes we produce,we also provide courier services at different prices and delivery times according to your needs.Your orders will be delivered fast and safely. our professional team will also help handle any urgent requests.

Of course, we offer different customised services for your order. And, you can also have your own packaging requirements.

As a professional supplier of wet wipes we offer free, high quality images and videos.If you don’t have a designer, we also offer a free catalogue, packaging and brochure design service.

The shelf life of our wipes is 2-4 years under normal storage conditions.

Free samples, but the express fee need to be collected.

Yes.Delivery time for in-stock products is approximately 5-7 days. delivery time for OEM products is 20-30 days.

The ingredients of the wipes meet the standards of China and various countries and are not harmful to our skin.

We can certainly talk about specific numbers and give discounts for larger purchases, and we have a discount scheme for potential customers who would like to help us with local promotions or other activities.

(1)With our mission to help our customers cut down converting costs, we don’t believe in over- priced strategy.

(2)We have been striving to do our best to keep price as low as possible without sacrificing quality.

Having full traceability is standard here, while the products are full compliant ISO-9001 and FDA,from product receipt to final delivery -MO factory has such a quality system.Wet wipes are also tested for their DETAILS by final quality control teams before delivery.