Make Up Remover Wipes

In situations where time is tight or conditions are limited, such as traveling, camping, going to the gym and other places where you cannot guarantee that you can wash your face with facial cleanser and water, makeup remover wipes are a good substitute. For those with oily or acne-prone skin, it is even more a necessity when water is not available.

JHGP-make up remover wipes-25PCS

Household Wipes

It can clean all corners of the family, such as kitchens, bathrooms and other places where dirt is easy to breed, and has the effect of sterilizing and cleaning.

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New Function Wipes

Wet wipes with new functions are based on ordinary wet wipes, and we have developed wet wipes with targeted functions, such as: shoe wipes, down jacket wipes, mosquito repellent wipes, etc. New functional wipes gradually enter the consumer market .

CHNWETWIPES-shoe wet wipes

Dry Wipes

Disposable dry towels are very convenient, especially suitable for carrying on business trips, traveling, visiting relatives and friends, effectively reducing the breeding of bacteria, protecting human health, and not causing damage to the skin.                

chnwetwipes-cotton tissue